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David G. and Michel Ong

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Do you like rats? “Yes, I do.” is what you’re probably saying right now. If not, you should. Rats can be more intelligent than humans in some fields. They have built colonies and have created a huge rat empire over the years. Here are some epic rat facts:

  • Rats can swim
  • Their Tails Keep Them Cool
  • A rat’s teeth never stop growing
  • Rats are cool
  • Rats are very social creatures
  • Rats can laugh
  • There are 56 known species
  • Some countries worship rats
  • Some rats can tread water for about 3 days and can hold their breath for 3 minutes underwater

Facts from: https://www.terminix.com/blog/education/facts-about-rats/

Many people hate rats because they think all of them have diseases. Some do, but not all. Plus, you shouldn’t blame them for it. You should at least like rats from a pet store or something.

Rats would make an amazing pet. Why you might ask? Well, they are very clean. They clean themselves more than cats do, and if something gets on their fur they will instantly try to clean it off. They are also very full of energy and personality. They are very loving, and might even try to groom you. I got this information from: https://www.cbc.ca/kidscbc2/the-feed/5-reasons-why-rats-make-the-best-pets

In conclusion, rats are awesome, some are bad for your health but others are really cool. If you still don’t like rats, than you are a mouse.