The New Sonic Movie Design

Way better

Classic Sonic image from Flickr

Classic Sonic image from Flickr

Michel Ong, Staff Writer

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If you want to look at my article from before the new trailer was out, click here:

Anyways, a new trailer for the Sonic movie came out, and I have to say, it is a lot better. Sonic’s new design is more like the Sonic we all know. Differing from the man-hog version of Sonic (old movie design), the new design has bigger eyes, better teeth and nose, gloves, and the actual Sonic shoes. Every scene just looks so much better with the new Sonic. For the actual trailer, the theme is a lot more appropriate. Everything’s better, the scenes, the puns, the music, EVERYTHING.

I actually want to watch this movie now.

If you want to view the trailers, click here:

New Trailer –

Old Trailer –