Go Parks Speech and Debate!


Allison L., Staff Writer

     Did you know that Parks had a Speech and Debate team? They went to Santa Ana high school on January 25 for the Speech and Debate competition. Parks eventually won a second-place within this competition. 

    Parks had entries for DI (dramatic interpretation), INFO (informative), DEC (declamation), IMP (impromptu), PRO (prose), ST (storytelling), LD (Lincoln/Douglas debates), Poetry, and HI (humorous interpretation).

    After the tournament, 7th-grade participants gave their input about their day at the high school. When asked about their overall experience at the tournament one person states, “The tournaments are always really fun and competitive, they get your blood rushing.” Most participants enjoyed the awards ceremony the most. They think that the most annoying thing was waking up in the morning to get to school at 6 am. Participants say that it was much harder than last time, because of all distinct levels combining into one group. This produces a difficult competition to beat. 

    Overall, it seems like Parks had a great time at Santa Ana High School! Remember to come to support Parks when they go to their next competition.