Be Ready for the FSD Fest


Maya K.L., Staff Writer

This last Saturday was the FSD Fest at Cal State Fullerton. All of the winners from the Pathfinder Civic Endeavor class contest was there to present their Endeavor to the judges. It started at 10:30, and each group got 3-5 minutes to show their tri-fold. The FSD Fest featured many exciting events such as the Esports Tournament, the League of Literacy, and the FSD Film Fest. The FSD Website said that the Civic Endeavor event lasted for about an hour and a half.

Some of Parks 7th graders got the chance to show their impressive Minecraft history projects at the FSD Fest. The best part is that the parking was free, as advertised on the FSD Website. Overall, the FSD Fest was a great opportunity for the Parks students to show their incredible creations.