The Lunar New Year Gets Extended as Coronavirus Spreads


Joshua P., Staff Writer


          The Lunar New Year is an important holiday widely celebrated across the entire world. It has recently just passed on January 25th. This year’s Lunar New Year is claimed to be “The Year of Rats” in the twelve-year Chinese zodiac cycle. Also, it is supposedly represented as new beginnings and prosperity.

          However, this year after the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, individuals have canceled celebrations and events relating to the New Year. This is in an effort to prevent the spread of the disease.

         The Associated Press reports that the Chinese government extended the Lunar New Year holiday to keep the majority of the population at home. This was in an effort to contain the virus from the millions of travelers that are going back to work after the New Year. Also, the Chinese government is trying to stop businesses from opening back up as travel restrictions increase all over China.