Peer Pressure

Alyssa A., Staff Writer

      Today, many students are pressured into doing dangerous activities. Peer pressure is the effect of one’s admonition to commit negative actions. This causes students to change drastically in many aspects. Peer pressure can lead to personality change, drugs, violence, alcohol, and in many aspects regarding negative health. Today, many students are into vaping, drugs, alcohol, etc. This may likely be the effect of peer pressure. With this on-going issue, teenagers are likely to change completely or get into unhealthy habits.

       Even with its negative effects, sometimes peer pressure can be perceived as a good thing. According to Wikipedia, peer pressure can help you get better grades. Even with positivities, peer pressure is something that individuals should be concerned about. Even with peer pressure being targeted at students, adults are negatively being affected. If one feels pressured upon a certain topic, speaking with an adult can benefit one in many aspects.