Dangers of the Coronavirus


Kayla Yoo, Writer

The coronavirus is a virus that originated in Wuhan, China. The outbreak started in late December and was officially announced publicly in early January. The cause of the virus is not confirmed, but it is assumed originate from an infected animal. The coronavirus has not only infected all of China, but also over a dozen countries. The coronavirus has already infected around 8,000 people and has killed over 170 people ,with the number increasing daily. It is spread from droplets in the air from coughing and sneezing or from skin contact.


     Now that the coronavirus is an alert danger, many countries are stepping in, trying to find solutions. Wuhan has turned on lockdown mode, which leaves many US citizens stuck in China. The government has been sending planes to evacuate as many US citizens as possible. Wuhan’s airports have been closed, and freeways have been blocked to possibly stop the virus from spreading more than it already has. China has informed all citizens to wear masks to reduce the risk of being infected, as well as warning people that having frequent activity outside is not the best choice.


    As the number of victims of the coronavirus hastily increases, it is not only China infected by the coronavirus. The coronavirus has spread to the US, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Macao, and Nepal. When it was announced that there were five confirmed cases in the US, it was announced that the number will only go higher. A vaccine or cure is not yet identified, and it has left people worried. As reported by the Washington Post, a vaccine is only in the early stages of being made.

What do you think? Is the coronavirus a real threat to US citizens?