Robot Chef!


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Cayli M., Staff Writer

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning at 9:30 am. You’re in an uncomfortable position, and this causes you to enter the kitchen. After entering the kitchen, you abruptly get shocked by seeing a pair of robotic arms.

Samsung recently came out with a new piece of technology, a pair of robotic chef arms. They hang down your ingredient cabinet above the stove. You have your very own robot chef! Techradar’s Matt Swider went to CES 2020 and watched one of Samsung’s robot chef make a salad for him. He states, “The verdict? It tastes like the future.” This was only one of the thirty-five salad recipes it was programmed to make. When cooking, the bot chef does all the heavy lifting, all it needs is a human to prepare dishes.

Robot chef has four main arm joints, and three fingers when your chef needs to hold any kitchen utensils. These arms mimic human arms, and complete tasks in the kitchen. When wanting a certain meal prepared such as a salad a simple voice command would be, “hey, bot chef, let’s make a salad.” By answering questions said by the robot, you are setting requirements for the salad. It’ll voice walk you through the recipe. If you are confused about any part of your recipe, you can watch how robot chef does it on your kitchen TV.
Let’s say robot chef does not know how to make one of your desired dishes. All you have to do is tell the robot chef to download it. There are certain recipes that may require a knife to be completed. However, the robot chef won’t do harm to anybody. As days go by, more technological advancements are steadily growing, and with the production of a robot chef your life just got easier.