Is Anime “Cringe?”

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Michael Marquez, Staff writer

         I will stand by the fact that anime is amazing. Anime is  Japanese animations that come in many different categories. It started to get popular worldwide with the production of diverse popular animations. 

         I started watching anime at the beginning of the school year. Since then, anime has brought upon a dramatic influence. Within the experience of watching anime, I have been interested in mainstream animes. Some animes that are exalting are “Like My Hero Academia” and “Naruto.” Some underrated animes I enjoy are “Black Clover” and “Blue Exorcist.” These kinds of animations are known as “Shonen anime.” This specific genre has taught me valuable lessons, such as not giving up on goals and the process of working hard to achieve them.

         However, I must admit that there are some people in this world who definitely have left a bad impression regarding anime. If so, there are several lessons that individuals can receive on a daily basis just from viewing these animations. Like I said before, anime has taught me brilliant life lessons. These life lessons are useful and can be applied to several aspects of life. Anime may have been considered from a negative perspective, but individuals should pertain to changing their opinions. Giving an opportunity to watch anime will significantly produce a fulfilling experience.