Australian Bush Fires


Chloe Yoon, Staff Writer

On December 10 2019, in the southeast region of Australia caught on fire due to a strike of lightning, and the addition of climate change. The Australian bush fires has been one of the most destructive fires yet. Australia has been no stranger to fires, and has dealt with them for numerous years. However, the news outlet “Telegraph” states, that about 28 people had been killed by the fires and more than 3,000 homes have been razed. In addition to this, approximately 17.9 million acres of land have been destroyed and burnt. These fires are so destructive because of the combination of Australia’s dry air, extreme heat, and strong winds. Though these are the natural climate conditions of Australia, the strong winds do come to a major disadvantage especially in the situation with the fires. As the winds gradually increase, the winds spread flames and smoke over land causing the air quality to become extremely poor. Despite fires being common in Australia, due to climate change, researchers have been struggling in an attempt to decide whether climate change has been triggering the fires instead of the lighting. Whilst Australia is enduring the blazes, thousands of volunteer firefighters and armed forces have been working to extinguish or even only bring the fire under control.