Are These Apps Really Shutting Down?


Kayla Yoo, Staff Writer

    Many rumors have gone out that certain popular websites and apps were going to shut down. The real question is, are these apps we love really going to shut down? At first, many believed these posts even though most started out as a joke. More and more of the population began to engage with these posts and led to more believing these posts. Now it has become very worldwide and has gained popularity and is open to the internet.


    Some of the companies like Microsoft, Google, YouTube, and Tik Tok have stated that they will be shutting down features of their business. Now citizens have taken and twisted their words which really led to this whole incident. According to Piunika Web, Tik Tok was rumored to be shutting down in 2020, Tik Tok had replied to all the commotion saying that the rumors were in fact false. Many were relieved and laughed it off yet still believed other companies rumored to be shutting down. Although many were proved false, citizens still have their beliefs. Now these posts have spread all over social media.


    Overall, all of these rumors to these apps shutting down is false. Some of them may be true, but are only features of the app, not the app itself for example Microsoft’s situation. The whole entire incident has caused much commotion yet not the majority of the companies have replied. Although these companies have been trending for shutting down, have still been spreading different rumors. Majority SHOULD be false to follow this incident.  What do you think, do you believe these rumors?