The Super Bowl LIV


[Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons] Hark Rock Stadium, where the game took place.

Rylan Chiu, Staff Writer

     Last Sunday on February 2nd, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers played against each other in this year’s Super Bowl. The game, which was held at the Hard Rock Stadium had an average viewing of 102 million people, according to Sports Illustrated. The Super Bowl started at 3:30 PM, and opened with a tribute to Kobe and Gianna Bryant, who passed away a week prior to the game. After the coin toss which determined who would start the game and was won by the 49ers, the game started.

    The first quarter of the game saw the Chiefs winning 3-7, thanks to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes scoring a touchdown for the team. The team also kicked off for an extra point and the 49ers kicked for a field goal. The second quarter found the Chiefs tied with the 49ers 10-10, when 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk scored a touchdown and made a one point kick. In the next half, the 49ers came back when they scored a touchdown and a field goal, bringing the score to 20-10.  Probably the most exciting part of the game was the fourth quarter. Just as it seemed as the 49ers might win the event of the year, the Chiefs comeback with three touchdowns—two of them by running back Damien Williams—bringing the total and final score to 31-20, meaning that the Chiefs win this year’s Super Bowl!

     The team celebrated as Chief’s coach Andy Reid got drenched in orange Gatorade. This game made history, as it’s the first Super Bowl appearance and win for Kansas City in 50 years, and it’s coach Reid’s first Super Bowl win. It also makes Patrick Mahomes the second-youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl, says the New York Post. It was an exciting game this year and we all can’t wait until next year.