YouTube Rewind 2019


Kayla Yoo, Staff Writer

YouTube creates a legendary rewind which only premieres once a year. Now, this year’s video is being raided with hate and fury. The YouTube video, which everyone would await for every year, was now just known as a terrible memory. Now the YouTube Rewind 2018 is the most disliked video on YouTube with 17 million dislikes. YouTube decided they had to change their layout plan somewhat to show content most would enjoy. YouTube had decided to change their content to what YouTube Rewind had started as.

What is YouTube Rewind? YouTube Rewind is a series YouTube premieres once a year to recap varied joyful memories including famous celebrities and youtubers. Not only has YouTube Rewind been going on for over a decade, but was praised by fellow YouTube fans and customers. At first, YouTube Rewind was just a compilation and recap of famous records of YouTube. It eventually grew to something entertaining to watch that required vast effort. Many thousands of dollars were spent on making the YouTube Rewind, as well as many workers and celebrities that took part in the YouTube rewind. For some youtubers, the YouTube Rewind was a dream and something they aspired to be in, but now since all the commotion took place, their point of view has changed.

From YouTube Rewind 2018 being very criticized, YouTube had only one solution, which may have not been the best solution. YouTube has decreased all the effort put into their content and changed their video to a compilation known as YouTube Rewind 2019. Many fans had hated on YouTube Rewind 2019 claiming that it was just a WatchMojo video. Even though all this overwhelming hate was going towards YouTube, some fans decided to go deeper. When some found out that YouTube Rewind started out as a WatchMojo video, some changed their point of view. Fans hated on YouTube themself for lacking creativity and energy compared to their previous content. Did your point of view change from all the commotion with YouTube Rewind 2019/2018?