Kindness Week



Victoria K, Staff Writer

     Is there someone struggling to open the doors because their hands are piled with books? Why not open the door for them? To support the cause of kindness there will be an event starting next week from the 24th to the 28th of February. Even with the concept of showing kindness, students should try to participate in wearing an outfit related to the theme. Here are the outfits to wear on the following days of the week:

  • Monday 2/24: Comfy Clothes
  • Tuesday 2/25: Twinsie Tuesday
  • Wednesday 2/26: Pink/Red
  • Thursday 2/27: None (LTA)
  • Friday 2/28: Black/Gold

     On everyone’s iPads, there should be a yellow app that says “The Great Kindness Challenge: School Edition.” This app will give instructions on how to be apart of Kindness Week, and clarify the details of the event. So prepare to show kindness, and participate by wearing an outfit related to the theme as listed. A seed of kindness can go far.