Amazon Will Start Delivering with Drones?!


Cayli M., Staff Writer

Did you know that Amazon is going to deliver items with drones?! I know, it’s crazy how much our world has evolved. Technology has come such a long way and honestly it’s quite scary!

    About half a year ago some news went around that Amazon was going to deliver packages with drones. This Amazon drone delivery is called “Amazon Prime Air.” Amazon showed us their new drone in Las Vegas during a re:MAR conference. According to Dezeen, “the drone can fly up to 15 miles and deliver packages weighing under 2.2 kilograms to customers in less than 30 minutes.”  According to critics, the drone can deliver efficiently and quickly.

    TechCrunch states, “Whenever the drone detects an object or a person in the landing zone, it obviously aborts — or at least delays — the delivery attempt.” There are multiple sensors on the drone so that it will be able to sense where to go and what to do as well as avoiding objects and people. Another necessary addition that TechCrunch informs its readers on, is how Amazon used VSALM. According to dragonflycv, visual SALM is described as, “[a] complex process of calculating the position and orientation of a device with respect to its surroundings, while mapping the environment at the same time, using only visual inputs from a camera.” What do you think? Are going to order with these drones when they are available?