The History of Parks Jr. High


The past yearbooks of Parks

Allison L., Staff Writer

    Do you ever wonder about who used to attend Parks Jr. High?

    According to the Parks website, Parks was built in 1972 in honor of the former superintendent, Dr. D Russell Parks. The street was renamed because of a rule that Dr. Parks had; that every school should be named after the street it’s on. So that’s how Parks came to be.

1979 – 1980

    Did you know that Ann Layton-Dixon used to be our school’s principal in 1980? Well, over the course of a few decades, Parks changed. This school actually had an Election Day where they would go and present why they wanted to be president and people would vote based on their speech. We had a cheerleading team too! Parks also had ‘crazy days’ where students would have a theme to dress in like, brown and gold day and battered boot day. They also had a lot more extra activities like square dancing, gymnastics, and Valentine’s dance.

1989 – 1990

    The next decade was different, but it was still quite similar to the last decade. The few differences were that they had two faculty vs students. One for basketball (with the faculty winning by 6 points), and the other for volleyball (with the students winning). Parks also had a week dedicated fully for health. They had different activities per day so that you would remember to stay healthy. The activities were wheelbarrow, sack race, obstacle course, tug of war, and Kentucky derby. This decade was when Parks started clubs such as Baseball Card, French, Needlecraft, Science, and Stupid Club Algebra Help.

1999 – 2000

     In the 2000’s, there were many interesting things. Parks had a talent show where people who signed up would dance, sing, or do really anything! Parks also had a tutoring program where students from the honor society would give a little time after school to help other students in many subjects. This proved to be a success and it helped get homework done. The cross country team also started in the 2000’s and they gained nine medals just that year! Parks had many fashion trends that started such as flannels, overalls, spiked hair, side packs, and many more.

2009 – 2010

    In the last decade, before 2020 Parks had become something very memorable to the junior high students that attended. They had a pancake breakfast to “fuel up the students and teachers” and to get the school day started in a new and exciting way. They had a poetry contest where the winner wrote of beauty, they had a spelling bee, and they had a peace poster contest to demonstrate how peacefulness can change someone’s life. Parks also had science olympiads, where you work on your science skills in hopes of getting better and reaching a higher level.

    As you can see, there have been many changes in our school. Compare the things you see around you, from the past to the present.