Benefits of Listening to Music

Benefits of Listening to Music

Michael Marquez, Staff Writer

         We all have distinct tastes in music. Our appeal to music can vary depending on our style. But what causes this exalting sensation with regard to music? 

          Well, there’s more to it than just appealing to your music taste. Science of People states, “there are several benefits to music, one of the benefits is that music is proven to relieve stress and anxiety.” Music’s benefactors can relieve mainstream problems. There are several genres of music but Thrive Global states “jazz and classical music are the best genres for stress relief and increased brain function.”

        Another noteworthy benefit is healing physical pain. According to Science Nordic ,a study from 2014 says people who have suffered from fibromyalgia experienced less chronic pain after listening to music. This occurs from several parts of your brain like the cerebellum, motor cortex, the brain stem, the orbitofrontal cortex and other regions of the brain can emotionally process music.

          Music also improves memory. This is most likely because some people focus on the lyrics of the song and memorize them. In fact, doctors have used song lyrics to help people to retrieve lost memories for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. And people who study music excel in spatial memory cognitive tests, and naming objects.

          One of the most prominent benefits of music is improving sleep quality. Sleep deprivation has been a problem in America since the late 2010’s and is slowly becoming a more severe epidemic. It should be a better time than ever to solve this problem. Like what was stated before, jazz and classical music works best for this scenario. Another study involved 94 students divided into three groups one group listened to classical music for 45 minutes before going to bed, another group listened to audiobooks, and the control group, who had nothing. The first group had a drastic decrease of depressive symptoms and the latter 2 had no increased or decreased results.

         In summary, it should now be apparent how important music is to your health and your brain. It’s good for stress relief, physical pain, or memorizing lyrics to your favorite songs. But if music isn’t exactly your thing it’s easy to listen to classical music before going to bed. So next time you play your music playlist, think of the the other ways it can change your life.