Toys From the 1900’s are Being Sold for Thousands


Kayla Yoo, Writer

    Back then, Items from the 1900’s were sold for very cheap. After these items were simply overlooked, people began realizing the rarity and population of collectors. Now, people are selling these items for thousands. Many articles have been made showing a compilation of items that sell for thousands. More and more auctions have been released daily and the popularity of items from the 1900’s being sold has drastically increased. But what were some of the brands being sold?


    Some of the brands include million dollar companies who have lost popularity today. Many companies have either stopped producing products or pop in now and there. Some of these brands likeTrolls, Barbie, and My Little Pony are still producing new products. Since the company’s products are so common and have vast popularity, people thrive for rarer items from the company. Some brands like Lite Brite and Cabbage Patch Kids have lost popularity but are still producing to this day.


    More and more compilations and news articles have gotten more and more readers from people thriving for cash not only from toys but other different rare collectables. Not only that, but companies like eBay have been filled with these kinds of auctions. Some collectors pay a fortune on these items for collecting purposes. Do you think it is necessary to have such collectables for a fortune? What would you do if you had one of these rare toys from the 1900’s?