2020 NFL Draft


Summer Siddiqui, Staff Writer

      The National Football League (better known as NFL) Draft is one of the most exciting days in all of football, even though it is not played on the field. The National Football League Draft, also known as and called the “Player Selection Meeting,” is a national public event, where National Football League teams recruit new college athletes onto their team’s rosters. The teams select players who have demonstrated success in college, in hopes of them bringing that success with them onto their struggling teams. Leading up to the National Football League Draft, college athletes have tryouts so the teams can watch them and decide who to pick onto their team the day of the draft.

      Football fans from throughout the country watch the National Football League Draft with great interest on which talent will be joining their utmost favorite teams. Numerous people witness the draft for the future of their beloved players. Many other benefactors are contributed in the NfL Draft. According to an article written by SB Nation, “…we watch the Draft for the same reason people voted for Obama: Hope. Beneath that is the subtext that we as a nation are turning more and more to sports as our primary source of hope, something we’ve known for a while”. Many start watching the players at a young age, and follow through with the athlete step by step, watching them grow and improve over time, hoping to see them accomplish their dreams of being on a great national football team.

       On the day of the National Football League Draft, the team who was the most unsuccessful during the season gets to draft players first. This year, according to the NFL Draft Tracker on the National Football League’s website, the team who gets first pick will be the Cincinnati Bengals. The team who will pick players last, or the team who did the greatest during the football season, is going to be the Kansas City Chiefs, for winning the super bowl against the San Francisco 49ers.

     The National Football League gives some important dates regarding the 2020 NFL Draft. The National Football League draft is going to be starting on April 23, 2020, ending two days later on April 25. This year, the selection meeting will be hosted in one of the country’s most popular cities: Las Vegas. According to SB Nation, “The main stage where new draft picks will hug Roger Goodell and hold up a jersey with their name on it will be next to Caesars Forum”. The drafting ceremony will take place right in the waters of the one and only Bellagio Fountain!