Washington D.C.Trip


Emilie Chi, Editor in Chief

As the end of the year abruptly approaches, 8th grader’s strenuous effort is representing denouement. On March 19, 8th graders will be departing  from LA to Washington D.C. This trip consists of a fulfilling experience while indulging in American History.

    Even with all the great fanfare, the exciting mood of this trip was dampened by the outbreak of the global COVID-19 virus (known as CoronaVirus). This trip was controversially nearly canceled due to the pernicious virus, but based off of the trip’s activities the trip will be unabated.

    With 2 weeks remaining, students are imperative, readying themselves. With certain prudential requirements, students are agitatedly packing up items. During the course of the trip, students have the experience with foods, museums, towns, and historically significant sites. 8th graders are mentally/physically awaiting for this rousing trip to occur.

    8th graders, prepare to most of the needs. Which includes procuring your body, and consistently being in a hygienic state. Overall, this trip will stimulate emotions and experiences most do not feel in a lifetime. Tread carefully when entering the airport and public areas due to the COVID-19 virus. Find a favor in doing your body peaceful adaptation to a sanitary atmosphere.