The Difficulties of Trying to Adjust to a New School During Pandemic


Creative Commons: Students wearing masks to school during a pandemic

Kate Luengo, Contributor

        Adjusting to middle school can be hard but 2020 has created unexpected issues that 7th graders have not faced before. Adjusting to middle school during a pandemic has brought about challenges that do not just include a new school, a new system, and new friends. Instead, students must navigate online learning while meeting new teachers, learning new subjects, and meeting new friends. 

         Communication can prove to be difficult when learning online. Lily Park, a current 7th grader at Parks Junior High School, says that group projects are difficult to do because it is “hard to bring up conversation.” Irene Kim, another current 7th grader at Parks, agrees with Lily and says that “talking with classmates online, when many of them are strangers in real life, can be really awkward.”

           Class assignments are often more detailed and constant. Lily Park complained that “teachers think that since we are not able to go outside often, students’ schedules won’t be packed so the teachers give out a lot of work.” She went on to say that some weeks can be very overwhelming. Another student, Irene Kim agreed and said it was “unfair for teachers to assume that students don’t have anything to do and just assign more work”. Many students are stressed out and struggling with the large amount of work they have to do.

            Making new friends at a new school is hard as it is but now there is a new barrier, trying to make friends from a six-foot distance. Elly Sweeny, a 7th grader at Parks complained about how hard it is to make new friends. She went on to say that her least favorite part about going to school during the pandemic is “not being able to socialize with people.” Elly explained that sitting further away from people and wearing a mask makes it difficult for students to make friends. Also, Lily Park agreed and said that she “isn’t able to meet new people and make new friends” due to the barriers of masks and social distancing. This may become a problem for many students, because making new connections and friendships are very crucial.

           Even as adjusting to school during 2020 has been hard for many students, we are able to persevere during this time of adversity. 2020 has been a rough year for many, but when we come together we are able to overcome these new challenges. The school year of 2020 will be remembered for many years to come.