Possibility of a Second Wave of Covid-19.


Philippe Put

Courtesy of Creative Commons.

Kaylee Kwon

Since early May, Americans and health experts alike have been suspecting the emergence of a second wave of the Corona Virus, and in September that fear was only solidified. Starting in May, about 50 percent of the U.S. States experienced an all-new high of its citizens infected by the disease, and in September, cases showed an increase of 21% infected people daily according to researchers from John Hopkins University. Is there truly a second wave, and if so, how is it preventable?

Dr.Andrew Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, claimed “Rather than say, ‘A second wave,’ why don’t we say, ‘Are we prepared for the challenge of the fall and the winter?’ and claimed that there very much could be a possibility of life returning to normal, though only in 2021, as stated in an interview with CNN. The cold season allows the immune system to be much more susceptible to disease and illness, as seen how the count for infected went from nine-million to ten-million in the short span of a mere ten days when the fall season came.

Cases have been steadily rising, The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has made a credible model for the death toll in the coming months, predicting that the current death count for Covid– currently at around 200,000, will spike to 277,000 to 351,000. As for prevention, several medical professionals including  Dr. Cyrus Shahpar, a former worker at the national institute of allergies and infectious diseases also urge citizens to follow basic guidelines given by the CDC, such as washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining a distance of 6 feet away from others.

There is a great possibility of a strong spike of the virus coming as winter approaches. Though it is a frightening thought, it is an easily avoidable future if people use common sense and listen to CDC precautions, as health experts advise.