Covid-19 Cases Rise


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Liana Mendez, Contributor

COVID-19 has made this year a nightmare. Let’s just face it, 2020 has not been a very good year. Thankfully, 2020 will be over real soon, but that doesn’t mean that COVID is going to be gone when the new year arrives. We could have this pandemic for another year, or maybe even more.

COVID-19 cases in Orange County were very low for almost all of September and October, except for one day, on October 22nd, when COVID cases surprisingly increased. The day before, October 21st there were 3,060 recorded COVID cases. The very next day, October 22nd, it shot up to 6,271 cases in Orange County. This was double the amount of cases from the previous day.

This number may seem like quite a lot, but in June, July, and August, COVID cases were at its peaks. That highest number of cases that we’ve gotten has been on the 22nd of July, where the number of cases was 12,162. That’s almost double what we have now. Thankfully, the cases decreased, slowly but surely. Today, there are more cases than the number of cases on October 22nd. Right now, on November 30, there are 17,696 cases. So, please wash your hands and maintain a 6 feet social distance to slow the spread of COVID-19.