How Did You Spend Your Free Time During Quarantine?


Courtesy: Creative Commons- stockcatalog

Ava Fredman, Editor

When COVID-19 started many were quarantined. Lots of sports and events were cancelled. This gave us a lot of free time on our hands, and everyone spent this time in different ways. Some may have started new hobbies, or picked up old ones. Many “ trends” were started, and maybe you tried those out too!

One trouble was not being able to see your friends, a lot may have sent letters, or FaceTimed their friends. Or even started a zoom so you could talk to a group of people. The Disney plus feature allows you to watch a movie or show with a group of people.

You could also be familiar with Chloe Ting, a YouTuber based off of working out. She has also become very popular over the internet during early quarantine. People such as Francesca started getting into exercise, and watched workout videos. She says “ When i got bored i did the chloe ting workouts on youtube, they were fun and kept me healthy”

A lot of people, including me, started online shopping a lot more. I’ve bought more clothes- online and in general- during quarantine than I ever have before.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a baker but never got to it, so this was a good time you could start. If you WERE someone who liked to follow the trends, and maybe wanted to get into the kitchen you may be familiar with whipped coffee. It was mostly showcased on tik tok, but spread around the internet. Some have LOVED it, others not so much. Francesca says “ I made a lot of whipped coffee, it was fun to make, and tasted good”.

Many have begun to declutter, during this crazy time it’s a good way to get your mind off what’s going on, and make you feel a little more sane. You may know Marie Kondo. She has a popular show called tidying up with Marie Kondo. Many, including me have been inspired to declutter and organize, as it’s something to keep you busy and make you feel at peace. It also creates the sense in which even if you’ve done “ nothing” all day, you’ve at least cleaned up your room.

Overall, whether or not you may still be in quarantine, it was a great time to improve on something or learn new things. Many even taught themselves how to do something such as playing an instrument.