Outside Dining Opens


Lynne Graves Photography

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Sue Kang, Contributor

    Due to COVID-19, restaurants have primarily been providing takeout only, and have gradually transitioned to outside dining. Initially, having outside dining during this pandemic is not ideal — especially because we should be socially distancing from one another. Many people believe that outside dining is a good idea while others oppose and believe it is not the safest option.

     Outside dining during COVID-19 is something that people are not able to do often. Right now, people are required to wear masks in public and to social-distance themselves from others. Therefore, there is not much of an opportunity to eat outside. Since these restrictions are placed, dining out can be seen as a luxury during COVID-19. Some people accept the idea of outside dining because they believe that sitting outdoors while being moderately spaced is safe. However, the decision to have outside dining available is not solely based on the customers’ desires; it is also based on the restaurants. Restaurants need to make a profit to pay for their employees, and if they aren’t able to, the restaurants will, unfortunately, close down.
     People may enjoy the luxury of outdoor dining, but there are also many risks that come with it. People should comply by social distancing and wearing masks, however at outside dining, those guidelines are not followed. According to the CDC’s website (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), they state that on-site dining with both indoor and outdoor seating presents the highest risks. If you ever observe outdoor dining areas, most of the tables are not 6 feet apart. Even if the tables are distanced, people still have to remove their masks to eat. Removing masks near other people can potentially expose the dangers of COVID-19. This includes common interactions such as customers interacting with restaurant employees.

     Outdoor dining can be an opportunity for people to enjoy the luxury of eating outside, but they should also be cautious of the dangers of COVID-19 and follow the required safety precautions.