How Recent Fullerton Fires Affected Students

Sarah Kienast, Contributor

     The recent fires in Fullerton have affected multiple students from school. The fires have caused poor air conditions and difficulties. These difficulties include things such as having to stay inside most of the day, having terrible air quality, and even being worried for students’ homes and neighborhoods safety.

One way the fires affected students was causing the air to become almost unbreathable. There was ash in the air and it smelled very unpleasant. This was especially unfortunate for students with asthma. The fires were spread by very strong winds that could even break a huge tree branch! I asked a student (who decided to stay anonymous) what they thought about the weather and they said, ”It was really windy and smelled very bad. I also saw a big tree branch fall and I think it almost hit a student during PE.” 
Most of the time when there is bad weather like that, teachers will keep their students inside for nutrition and lunch. The rest of the day students had to eat inside and zoom inside to their next classes. 

     Another way the fires affected the students was by making the students (and even the teachers) worry about the safety of their homes. People with homes near the fires were probably concerned for their home’s safety. I asked a student (who decided to stay anonymous) if they were worried for their houses safety and they said, “I was definitely a little worried, but I wasn’t panicking. I was just hoping that my family was okay.” They also could’ve been worried about the rest of their neighborhoods and personal belongings safety.

The last way the fires affected the students was by making PE and other physical classes harder to participate in. The air quality from the fire definitely wasn’t the best for performing physical activity outside.
The teachers brought students inside the school building to do their physical activity for the day. However, doing PE inside the school wasn’t the best for extracurricular activities because of the limited space.

     In conclusion, the fires in Fullerton have affected lots of students at school. Not only do the fires affect students at school, but everyone in our Fullerton community. People with jobs might’ve had to stay home from work and some might’ve even had to evacuate their homes!