Update of Orange County’s Coronavirus Cases


Courtesy of COVID19.CA.GOV

Yuna Hwang, Contributor

Many Orange County websites and newspaper articles such as OC Health, Orange County Register, and the Los Angeles Times, state that the number of coronavirus cases in Orange County have spiked up recently. Although, because of reporting lags, the true number of infected people is unknown and likely to be higher than official numbers. 

The area of our county has been recently placed in the purple tier. Tier 1 indicates that the state of our county is widespread of coronavirus.

According to the OC Register, Orange County’s COVID-19 case rate grew to “10.8 cases per day for every 100,000 residents, nearly double the previous week’s rate of 5.6 [cases] per 100,000.” The numbers continue to climb up and Orange County is set to close nonessential businesses, shops, and restaurants yet again like the start of the quarantine. 

Statistics from the article, Tracking the coronavirus in Orange County by the Los Angeles Times say, “Over the past seven days, the county has reported an average of 434.6 new cases per day, a 93.4% increase from two weeks ago.” It also shows that the Orange County coronavirus cases have been spiking up in June and started to relax in about August of 2020. As the case rate was stabilizing, the number of cases started to spike up in late October to early November. 

The recent spiking of case rates point to a “second wave” of another outbreak. Many other California counties expect to restrict the reopening of buildings.

Please remember to social distance, sanitize, and wear a mask. Stay inside and safe everyone! We can get through this time of struggling together!