December; what is there to come?

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Caleb Lee, Contributor

     December is the final month of this year, and as we dive into it, 2020 nears its end, which can be a blessing to many. This year has been so challenging, with an unexpected military scares, pandemic, quarantine, politics, and general chaos, been spread across the entirety of this year. Great amounts of people have been looking forward to the end of this year from the beginning, and so here we are, coming to a close. But, as this year finishes, what can we look forward to? The following covers what will happen in this next month.

     First off, the semester will soon come to an end. Finalize your grades and think about what classes you will want to take in the near future because the semester will wrap up on December 18th. In all, there are three semesters in a school year, we have progressed and will soon take down one, which leaves us the remaining 2 others to wrap up in the following school year. If you would like to go into a new elective, this is the perfect time to do so, so think about what you would like to take in the upcoming semester!

     Secondly, winter break! Are you already missing the Thanksgiving break? Look no further, winter break is coming! From December 19th to January 4th, all students have no school for an entire two weeks! A great way to ride yourself into both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

     Lastly, as said before, Christmas and New Years’ is soon upcoming! As said in the previous paragraph, the winter break will be a great way to dive into both. Celebrate however you want, gifts, family, everything, or nothing, it’s still the merriest time of the year.

     In short, we have so much to look forward to and only in this one month. We have the ending semester, winter break, Christmas, and New Years’, all upcoming in the following month. Be happy, keep your head up, and let’s finish up this year altogether!