Plant Based Diets Can Help With More Than Metabolism.

[courtesy from] what plant based diet plate looks like

Brandon Han, Contributor

   Many people want to lose weight and that is possible with plant-based diets. According to the PCRM (physicians committee for responsible medicine.) They have proven that plant-based diets improved weight loss without the need to exercise often.

   The PCRM had a few trials before confirming the theory. The trial took 16 weeks to complete and the food the volunteers had eaten improved metabolism and body control. The volunteers had faster movement when running or doing exercise. Stamina was increased along with strength and even breathing while exercising became more common with the volunteers who did this trial. The amount of people that volunteered was 3115 people. Half was supposed to eat a normal diet with meat and vegetables. While the other half ate only plant-based foods. Their schedule was to eat their breakfast then do yoga. At lunch, they would eat and then lift weights and do core agility exercises. Dinner they would just relax and watch your normal amount of tv and sleep for 9 hours.

   After 16 weeks of doing this diet and schedule. The results have increased the physical and mental ability by 15-18 percent from a normal human body that does not exercise as daily. When the PCRM asked the participants about how they felt, most of them responded that they would not have as much delay or confusion when doing something. Some of the participants continue with these diets. The PCRM recommends these diets to people who would like to stay fit and healthy for a very long time.