High Winds, Bad Air Quality, and How it Can Affect You


CC: Creative Commons Andy.B

Ava Fredman

During December we’ve had many days and nights where  we have strong winds,sometimes causing fires and bad air quality. This can cause many things to occur, and can affect many people.  One Parks student says “ I was scared because I knew how powerful the winds were, and they were really loud!” Although the air quality and wind could’ve been a lot worse, there are still effects. 


  Winds can cause many horrible things to result. A lot of things will fall and many things can be damaged. A lot of times it will exacerbate or start a fire, which can also cause bad air quality. 


 The air quality/ wind can also result in cancellation of school, for a day or longer. If not, some may have chosen to stay home. The air quality can cause people with allergies to get a runny nose, and or cough. But it can also do much worse depending on the air quality.  According to https://www.epa.gov/pm-pollution/how-smoke-fires-can-affect-your-health the particles/ ash can cause small problems, and for people who already have a heart and lung disease, it can cause more problems, and worsen what they have. 


  In fact, a bonfire in Silverado exacerbated due to the wind. This caused lots of people to evacuate their homes. Which is another, negative effect. Many will have to find places to stay until the air quality gets better.



  It can also cause common symptoms such as “chest pain, rapid heartbeat, headaches, runny nose, and fatigue” says https://www.uchealth.org/today/how-to-stay-safe-from-wildfire-smoke-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic/ . One park student says “ I had a headache from the air quality.”  Many have experienced that as I have myself. 


  The wind can cause fear to many. I was scared that the pole in my backyard was going to fall, some may have fears that  trees and other things will. They could be scared that a fire will start up near them. 


   Make sure to stay hydrated and out of the air as much as possible if the air quality isn’t good. As for the wind, just try your best to stay safe.