The Climate Crisis

Climate Change has always been a threat, but how big?


Sloane O’Connor, Contributor



     The Climate Crisis has been a serious threat to humanity for decades, and if society doesn’t find a way to reverse the effects of global warming, there will be more than just hot summers. According to Climate Central, by 2050 many countries will suffer severe coastal floods. These countries include China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. Homes of over 300 million people will fall below the average annual coastal flood elevation. Due to the number of fossil fuels that are being emitted, the temperature is rising. This causes icebergs to melt which raises sea levels. 

Flooding is only one of the impending dangers of climate change. Wildlife, such as plants and animals, are becoming endangered due to global warming. The list of endangered animals is now 41,415. In the arctic, animals survive on ice. For example, polar bears depend on the ice to hunt. With all of the ice melting, polar bears are slowly going extinct. In the Australian wildfires, three billion animals were killed. Global warming is a key factor in the increased risk of wildfires across the world. Climate change causes forest fuel, also known as kindling, and this causes the fires to spread faster, making them bigger and deadlier. 

There are too many dangers caused by climate change to list them all, but despite the hazards, there is hope. With new leadership in our country, hope comes for our planet for recently-elected President Biden has re-joined the Paris Climate Agreement, which sets a global framework to avoid climate change. Under this agreement, the United States promised to reduce its emissions by approximately 25% by 2025. Despite the promise, analysts predict that the US will only be able to reduce our carbon footprint by 17%.