The League of Legends World Championship


LoL Worlds Championship trophy. (2013) Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Christopher Lee, Staff Writer

     The League of Legends World Championship, commonly referred to as Worlds, is a contest where teams from around the globe compete in League of Legends, a 5v5 MOBA game, with over 150 champions to play. League of Legends is also known for being one of the most mechanically difficult game and to also have the most heated games and players. A MOBA game is a multiplayer online battle arena, and League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games, with an estimation of over 115 million monthly players during 2021. Because of the current pandemic situation, the location of Worlds 2021 has been changed from Los Angeles, North America, to Shenzhen, China, which was the location for Worlds 2020, so if the pandemic gets better by 2022, Worlds 2022 would likely be held at North America.


     Numerous different teams compete in these tournaments. The team SK Telecom T1 currently has the highest number of championships, having won three world championships. During last year’s Worlds in 2020, team DAMWON claimed the victory, and in 2019, FunPlus Pheonix won the world championship.


     The reward this year is to be set at 2.25 million, although it will likely grow if players of the game consistently purchase in-game currency or cosmetics. The total number of teams that will be competing this year is 24, and Worlds 2021 should start in late September to early October, and will likely end on November 6th, based on previous events and published information. This is just an estimation, so it is not confirmed that these are the final dates.


     Instead of having the first place team take all of the prize money, there is a distribution among all of the teams. The first-place team will win 37.5% of the prize money, with the second-place team receiving 13.5 percent, the third and fourth place teams receiving seven percent, and the rest of the teams receive four percent of the money or less.


Below is a link to a website for more information on the dates of previous Worlds events and estimations.

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