Soul: Another Cinematic Masterpiece


Alamy Stock Photo


Kevin Hur, Arts + Entertainment Editor

     Pixar’s films are something that has been inspiring and has been giving an escape when needed, and a great way to reflect and enjoy the present. With the global pandemic, Disney and Pixar have adapted by changing the release date to the 2020 animated feature, “Soul”. With its original release date being in the summer of 2020, Disney had extended it to Christmas 2020 and was released on Disney Plus.

Personally, I had the pleasure of being able to watch the film on Christmas night. Without much spoilers or too much detail, the film was very impactful, and brought an interesting and new perspective on how to appreciate our time here. It follows the main character Joe Gardener and his journey from New York City to ‘The Great Before’, with a passion for jazz. This story was another one of Pixar’s great movies, with a complex plot that was well executed, yet had the simple, personal feeling that makes Pixar films so unique. But because the film was directed by Pete Doctor, many people were led to believe that the film followed a similar concept of one of his other Pixar films, Inside Out. While many can still believe that both films may have similarities, I can say that even with a touching plot like many other movies, ‘Soul’ is its own original film and should be recognized as one of the great films of animation history.


2D9RACD SOUL (2020), directed by PETE DOCTER. Credit: WALT DISNEY PICTURES/PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS / Album (Alamy Stock Photo)

        “Pixar has really helped me continue to be in the moment. I have always smiled everytime while watching a Pixar film. ‘Soul’ was a great example of that.” Suri Reyn, someone who greatly enjoyed watching this film, said this soon after watching it when it was released. She explained how living in the moment was something that was great to be reminded of, because “we often forget the little things that make life so much better.” Soul had that kind of effect on many people because it had a more deep story, and many people, including Suri Reyn, had felt that ‘Soul’ was a film that had a meaning that was relevant to life, and what we do with it. 


     ‘Soul’ is a film I would recommend, because it is a film that can reach out to so many different kinds of people. After all,

there are so many ways to interpret what the story means, and how it will impact our lives. With the upcoming Disney Pixar movie, Luca, we can expect yet another great film that may bring another adventure that we can enjoy, and learn from, in our lives.