Why Should You Take Physical Conditioning?

Tyron Kim, Writer

     The school year is coming to an end. Sadly for the 8th graders, this is their last year at Parks. For upcoming seventh and eighth graders, they will need to choose some elective to partake in. There are lots of options and one of them should be a must for every student. That one option is Physical Conditioning. 

     The coach, Matthew Stricker, is one of the best teachers students will have. He has lots of “dad jokes” and is very kind. Everything he does is so that students are able to become fit. Every day, whether it’s helping students or cleaning the equipment, it is quite clear that Coach Stricker is very determined and enjoys his job. While working out in the fitness room, instead of sitting and watching students exercise, he walks around helping out students and making sure they do not get hurt.

     The best part of this class is not just the teacher, but also the number of friends you will be able to make. Personally, I made lots of friends doing this class for 2 straight years. You are able to interact with each other so much, it is almost guaranteed to make a friend or two. One workout requires someone trustworthy to be their spotter. This is for lifting weights and having someone you trust makes sure you will not get hurt when the bar is too heavy, or if you lose your grip.

     So, for the upcoming students of Parks Junior High School, they should take Physical Conditioning as one of their electives. It is a great experience, a great teacher, and a great way to make friends.