Teacher Appreciation Week in May


Courtesy to Creative Commons

Yurim Lee, Staff Writer

Dear Panthers,

In this period of COVID-19 and Distance Learning, we know how hard it is for us, the students, to learn behind a screen or mask. But let us take a pause and think about the teachers who are also undergoing the very same but also different process. The same distractions, the same frustration of having to work behind the screens, and the same annoyance of having to talk while wearing a mask, the teachers also feel and can relate the same way as us. But the educator has different hardships than the learner, and though as students we can only feel the frustration of the learner, know the educator has no less trouble with this change in school.

To thank and fully express our appreciation to our teachers of Parks Jr. High, we dedicated a whole week of May 3rd to May 7th to Teacher Appreciation Week and updates on the themes will soon be updated on the Press. So students, please use this time to think about the Parks staff, and give some time to put yourself in the shoes of the teacher instead of the learner.

Make sure to visit the Press once in a while to check for the updates on Teacher Appreciation Week!