Make a Wave for Volleyball

PARKS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL NOVEMBER 1 As junior high schools open up, after school sports are gradually returning to schools. The Fullerton School District volleyball season has begun. Schools are competing against each other every Wednesday working hard to reach the top. 

Parks Panthers and Nicolas Knights competed on October 27, 2021. At approximately 3:30pm, the game began. Parks Panthers were off to a great start. Everything was competitive until Parks Panthers gained momentum scoring many points. Nicolas Knights were making points here and there, not enough. Parks Panthers were on a roll. Nicolas Knights would try, but the ball was back to Parks Panthers! As time went on, the first set was already over and Parks Panthers won 25-15.

After a few minutes, set two began. Parks Panthers started off with the ball and the Nicolas Knights crouched, ready for action. Everything was going smoothly, both teams earned points slowly but surely, and then Parks Panthers were on a point streak! They were winning and winning! Unfortunately, Nicolas Knights could not catch up with the Parks Panthers! It was over. Parks Panthers had done it! They won 25-08 and still remain undefeated champions!

The two teams murmured and all coaches huddled. The two teams decided to have a friendship game for the last set. Everyone appeared jolly and having fun. Parks Panthers decided to switch up their rotations. Both teams performed great and it came to the final countdown. Parks Panthers had one more point to achieve, to win all three sets, and Parks Panthers won! They won 25-12 and the fans cheered. Nicolas Knights did an amazing job playing the final set.