The Batman (Spoiler)


Ashley Lato, Contributor

The Batman has been rated eighty-six percent on Rotten Tomatoes by critics.
The movie is an action, superhero, adventure, drama, crime film, and mystery motion picture. Critics have said it is “a grim, gritty, gripping super-noir” and “most thrillingly ambitious.”

Robert Pattinson does a remarkable job playing the lead roles of Batman. He excellently emulates the melancholic, dispirited, recluse Batman and carries it over to his real identity of Bruce Wayne. Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, is played by Zoë Kravitz. Zoë plays a fierce, vengeful, mischievous character, who is eager to get “vengeance” for her mother and friend (Annika played by Hana Hrzic).

In The Batman, Robert Pattinson (Batman) follows a psychotic killer’s encrypted clues, which slowly uncovers Gotham City’s secrets. Batman and Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) make a few mistakes as they follow the Riddler’s (Paul Dano) clues. Batman and Gordon followed the wrong person in a captivating car chase, while driving the iconic Batmobile. Selina works with Batman to find her friend Annika, who was involved with one of Riddler’s victims (Mayor Don Mitchell played by Rupert Penry-Jones). As they dive deeper into the situation, the viewers find out Selina is the daughter of Mafia leader Carmine Falcone (John Turturro).

In the middle of the movie, viewers find out that Riddler knows Batman’s true identity under the mask. Riddler leads Batman to an orphanage where Batman finds out about his family’s secrets. A reporter found out about Martha Wayne’s (Bruce Wayne’s mother played by Stella Stocker) secrets so Thomas Wayne (Luke Roberts) bribes him with a “hush payment.” Unfortunately the reporter does not accept Thomas Wayne’s offer. Thomas then asks Falcone to help him with the reporter. Falcone takes advantage of the situation and kills the reporter so he could have some dirt on Thomas. The next day Thomas was supposed to announce the truth to the public but he and Martha were killed by Falcone, leaving Bruce as a rich orphan. Selina, Batman, and Gordon find out Falcone executed Annika and Bruce’s parents so Selina goes after her father. Batman interferes and manages to stop Selina from terminating her father, but it was too late; the Riddler had murdered her father.

Eventually, Batman and the cops imprison the Riddler but he still had plans even behind bars. Riddler planned to bomb the city which will cause a flood, but Riddler thought Batman would side with him and watch it all blowup. Riddler had a team outside his jail cell that would eliminate the new mayor, Bella Reál played by Jayme Lawson. Batman did not prevent the flood, but he was able to put down Riddler’s team with the help of Selina. The event led to a change of perspective for people. The city would rebuild itself and its “faith in Gotham” and its people. In jail, Riddler chats with someone who is believed to be Joker. They talk about Gotham City loving comebacks.

To conclude the story, Selina leaves Gotham City and asks Batman to leave with her. Batman declines the offer because he defends the city. They both part ways and the film ends. Overall, the movie had great rising action and climax.