New Pitch Clock Will Change the Game Forever


Ved Patel, Contributor

For the 2023 MLB season, there will be a new tweak to the rules. The pitch clock will be introduced to keep the game moving fast. Previously, pitchers could take a lot of time and because of this, games took more than 3 hours on average. To see if fans would be more interested in the games if they did not stretch for this long, the baseball commission tested the new device in Minor League Baseball games to gauge fans’ reactions. They found that most people loved the faster pace of the game; however, some felt they would not get as much time and value for their tickets. The major league commission will test the pitch clock for this season, and, if it receives positive reviews, MLB will keep it as a permanent addition to the game. This is the first major change in the game since Jackie Robinson changed the rules to allow African Americans to play the game in the 1940s. Because of this, more and more people are tuning in to witness this drastic change. The 2023 season will not be like any other, and people watching are excited about the new addition of the pitch clock.