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PTSA Reflections Contest

Esther K, Contributor

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The national PTA funds a contest for dance, film, literature, music, photography, and visual art submissions by students each year. The theme for this year is “Within Reach.”, and the deadline is October 12, at 9:00 am in the office. There are 6 categories.

Category: Literature.

  • Accepts forms of fiction and nonfiction including poetry, drama, reflective essay, narrative, and a short story
  • Must be less than 2000 words and be handwritten or typed on one side only
  • May submit with their first language, but will need a translation
  • Formats include: single sided print on 8 1/2 x 11 paper with PDF file format

Category: Dance Choreography

  • Accepts dance styles including solo/ensemble, ballet, contemporary, ethnic, folk, tap, hip hop, and jazz
  • Choreographer can be performer or on of the performers
  • Video recording must be under 5 min and less than 1G

Category: Film Production

  • Accepts forms including animation, narrative, documentary, experimental or a media presentation (No PowerPoint)
  • Video recording must be under 5 min and less than 1G
  • File formats include AVI, QuickTime, MPEG, Windows Media, and a Flash Video

Category: Music Composition

  • All instruments, sounds, styles, and combinations are accepted
  • Copyright material isn’t allowed
  • Audio recording must be under 5 min
  • Accepts file formats include MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, ACC, and FLAC

Category: Photography

  • Accepts forms of photography including a single photo, panoramic, photomontage, multiple exposure, negative sandwich, or photogram
  •  Accepts original black-and-white pictures
  • Must be under 11×14 inches
  • Formats should be a matted print or high resolution digital photo

Category: Visual Arts

  • Formats should be Architecture(2D/3D), carpentry, ceramics, collages, crafts, designs, etc
  • 2D artwork must be under 24×30 inches including matting
  • 3D works must be able to move for display purposes

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PTSA Reflections Contest