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Kawhi Leonard the “Silent Assassin” back story

Julio C., Contributor

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In the NBA, there is an assassin that is slaying teams. Dunking on them so easily, it seems like the regular, 10 foot hoop is a toddler, 2 foot hoop. He’s the one who stands on top of other people. His name is Kawhi Leonard. Yup, he’s been doing amazing so far, and many people are asking the question, “MVP?” Who knows, the man has got handles, and can jump, without speaking a word. However, people, like myself wonder, why does he never speak? Well, in an interview with his mom, Kawhi’s mom told reporters that he never talks after an incident in which Kawhi’s dad died. Kawhi grew up washing cars almost everyday, with his dad. Even though it was hard labor, that was the time Kawhi bonded with his dad the most. Then on an unfortunate night, Kawhi’s dad was shot and killed at their carwash. According to LA Times, “his father, Mark Leonard, 43, was shot and killed on a Friday night in Compton at his car wash. Det. Frank Salerno of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said there has been no arrest and no motive has been found for the shooting.” The next day, Kawhi had a basketball game, where he dropped 22 points, after the game he bursted into tears in his mom’s arms according to LA Times. His dad was supposed to be there. I believe that this had an impact onto Kawhi in which he became a bit shy. Though this season, he has started smiling, and it’s a change for Kawhi. Let’s hope that his career development would cheer him up and end up being back to his old self.

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One Response to “Kawhi Leonard the “Silent Assassin” back story”

  1. • on November 9th, 2017 7:30 pm

    Leonard hasn’t played a single game this season yet because of his ankle injury.


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Kawhi Leonard the “Silent Assassin” back story