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Heroes Reign -Chapter 9-

Susie L, Contributor

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“Rise and Shine!”

I bolted up at the loud voice. I saw a pink haired girl in a maid uniform standing in my room with a smile.

“W-what, who..?” I said groggily.

“It’s morning.” The girl replied cheerfully as she opened the window.

I blinked a couple times to get my eyes used to the sudden light. The girl opened the window to let some of the soft morning breeze flow inside.

“Will you join the rest downstairs for breakfast, or shall I bring your food here?” The maid asked.

“I’ll go down stairs.” I mutter sleepily. My body still ached slightly from yesterday, but I decided it might be more polite to go downstairs in person.

“As you wish.” The maid bowed, “Oh, and I washed your armor, it’s in the closet.”

After she left the room, I changed into the armor, which was now bright and shiny. The swords was hanging from the wall, and it seemed that it had been cleaned as well. I put them in my belt and hurriedly walked down the stairs.

Another servant was waiting at the bottom, a butler to be percise, and led to the the dining hall. Most everyone was already there, only a few remained missing.

“Good morning Keith!” Claire greeted cheerfully.


I sat myself in a chair next to William. On the table were a vast variety of delicious looking food, it was exactly like a buffet. There were eggs (scrambled and sunny side up), fluffy pancakes, steamed vegetables, juicy sausage links, fresh pitchers of orange juice and milk, and much more. My mouth watered at the magnificent sight.

I grabbed as much food as I could and stated to dig in.

“Where’s Jane, Ray, and Sylvia?” I asked, my mouth muffled because it was filled with food.

“They said they had a small errand to complete,” Claire answered, cutting her pancakes with a knife, “They should be back before noon.”

“Did the teachers already leave?”

William nodded.

“They already ate so they’re outside.” Grace added.

I continued to wolf down my food. It was the best thing I had ever eaten.

“Where’s Saito?” I had just realized he wasn’t at the table.

“He said that he wanted to eat in his room.” Ariel answered in a slight annoyed tone, “And stop talking while your eating, it’s gross.”

I didn’t mind the harsh statement and continued to eat. Before long, all the food on my plate was gone. I would of gotten more if I could, but I felt like I was going out burst if I ate more. A maid came over and took my plate.

“Are y’all done eating?” Someone said from the doorway. It was a girl with auburn hair and green eyes. From the belt filled with arrows around her waist, I could tell she was an archer.

“Almost!” Claire called. She quickly finished her food, handed her plate to a maid, and ran out the door. I followed right after.

All the trainers were already outside, waiting for us.

“Well you certainly took your time.” Saber said in a joking manner.

“The food was too good.” I smiled.

Saber laughed, “That’s good, Hiroko is one of the best cooks in the nation.”

When everyone else came out the the dining hall, we all started our training.

I walked with Saber to the edge of the training field.

“What are we doing way out here?” I asked.

Saber gave me a grin, “I wanted to train out of the castle walls.”

Saber then, with a brisk movement, leaped over the wall.

“Well then, hurry up!” Saber called.

“Um, I can’t jump that high…”

Saber groaned and reached down. I lifted my hand, then  he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up.

This was my first time looking beyond the castle. I saw a forest right by the castle, and a little further than that, was a small town.

I looked to my right, but noticed Saber wasn’t there anymore.

“Don’t tell me you can’t jump down.” Saber was already on the ground.

“Uh, no I can.”

When I landed on the floor, Saber led me to the forest.

“I though that if you were going to fight with us one day, you should probably get used to fighting in multiple areas. Today, we’ll be training in the forest.”

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Heroes Reign -Chapter 9-