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NBA All Star Weekend

Jae L. and Dylan K.

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The NBA All Star Weekend is finally here!  It will be held on February 16th to 18th in Los Angeles, California.  This year’s teams will be selected by two captains, Lebron James and Stephen Curry.  Curry will get to pick in the second round following Lebron who, as overall vote leader, will get to choose in the first round.  The All Star Weekend will include these events: the NBA All Star Celebrity Game, Hall of Fame Announcement, Taco Bell Skills Challenge, JBL Three Point Contest, and the Verizon Slam Dunk.  The concluding 67th All Star Game will be held at 7 pm on February 18.

Every year, these events dazzle the crowd.  First, to kick off the All Star Weekend, the NBA will be holding the All Star Celebrity Game on Friday, February 16.  The NBA All Star Celebrity Game is a 5 on 5 game that includes retired NBA players, WNBA players, actors, musicians, and athletes from sports other than basketball.  Following that day, there will be a sequence of three events that are known for being the best events during the All Star Weekend: the Skills Challenge, the Three Point Contest, and the Dunk Contest.  The Skills Challenge is the event where a player has to maneuver with the ball through a series of mannequins and then shoot the ball until he/she makes it.  The fastest player to complete these tasks win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge.  Kristaps Porzingis won last year’s Skills Challenge against Gordon Hayward.  The Three Point Contest is where each player gets a minute to make as many threes as they can. Eric Gordon won last year’s Three Point Contest with 25 threes in one minute! Finally, the Dunk Contest speaks for itself.  Glenn Robinson III won last year’s Dunk Contest with a final score of 94 which included a soar over two people in which one was sitting on top of the other holding the ball over their head.  Make sure to watch these games if you want to see these events again!

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NBA All Star Weekend