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Olvera Street

Dylan K., Contributor

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On April 24, 2018, all 8th graders in these following classes went on a field trip to Olvera St. in downtown L.A. The classes had gone to see and learn about the different cultures. Classes left at 10 a.m and came back at 3:30 p.m.

Spanish 1B
Culinary 2
Art 3

Mr. Beaver’s Art 3 went to the field trip for urban sketching and street photography. Urban Sketching is when artists practice drawing on location in cities, towns, and villages. Art 3 drew different locations in Olvera Street to try and capture the culture in the buildings. Yearbook worked on street photography. Street photography is an art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents that people observe. Students took photos of their surroundings and dissected the difference in the pictures from what we see everyday. The two classes watched for artworks, architecture, marketplace, and people walking around.

Mrs. Corsini’s Culinary 2 class visited Olvera Street and Chinatown. Students learned the history of Olvera Street and Chinatown and how they began in Los Angeles. Students in Culinary 2 went to see how close in distance two different cultures live, but yet how diverse their cultures are. Visiting there taught each student about the different foods and how each culture prepares them. It was an exciting experience for everyone.

Mrs. Gaer took her Spanish 1B class to Olvera Street to learn about the history and culture of Mexico. Culture helps us understand people better. Culture influences people’s hope, views, morals, religion, and stories. Students in Spanish 1B specifically learned about the history and culture of Olvera Street. That street hold lots of history and it is where the city of Los Angeles began. Students completed a scavenger hunt, learned more about the culture, ate, and shopped. Mrs. Gaer said that, “It feels like you have been transported to Mexico. There were so many things to experience with little time. Siquieros mural, called America Tropical and Avila Adobe, are something that catches people’s eye.”

The field trips were an amazing experience for every student who went on it. We want to give a special thanks to every teacher and parent who made this trip possible. It is a unique experience that each student will remember forever. Thank you!

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Olvera Street