Joey Winthrop’s Interview

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Joey Winthrop’s Interview

Angelo A., Contributor

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Joey Winthrop is currently a student here at D. Russell Parks Jr. High School and loves to play ice hockey. Joey has been playing hockey for eight years and is very talented when it comes to the sport. He has actually played in national hockey championships and has gone to one of the best hockey camps in the nation. Here are his answers after I interviewed him.

Question #1: Have you ever attended any hockey camps?

Answer #1: “Yes, I have. In fact, last summer I went to Lake Placid, NY, for a hockey camp called Can-Am. Many professional hockey players have gone there, including Sidney Crosby. The Erie Otters head coach, Chris Hartsburg, was one of the counselors at the camp.”

Question #2: How long have you been playing hockey and what got you involved in the sport?

Answer #2: “I have been playing ice hockey since I was four years old. I fell in love with the sport when my dad first took me to his hockey games. Since then, it’s been a big part of my life.”

Question #3: What is your favorite hockey team?

Answer #3:  “I have always loved and supported the LA Kings.”

Question #4: Where do you play hockey?

Answer #4: “I play Bantam AA for the OCHC Hockey Club. We are one of the top teams in California, and we get to travel to Chicago for the biggest hockey tournament in the U.S.”

Question #5: Have you considered making hockey a future career?

Answer #5: “Definitely. Even if I do not make the NHL, I will play college hockey and will continue to play the sport as I get older. In fact, my family and I have considered moving to Lake Placid, NY, for hockey.”

Thank you, Joey, for letting me interview you about your favorite sport. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your aspirations. Good luck on your ice hockey career!