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NBA Rule Changes

Isaiah Chang, Contributor

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Before the NBA allowed players to wear shoes that had any color, they had to have on  team colors or black and white.

The NBA has decided to change a few of their rules this season in order to make the game more fast-paced and interesting.

  First of all, the NBA has strongly suggested to the committee of the NBA that they change the number of seconds a player’s team gets from 24 to 14 seconds when a player gets an offensive rebound.According to ESPN,  in order for this rule to be official, two-thirds of the league’s committee must vote yes in order for the rule to be official. The committee will vote on September 20th. The reason the NBA wants this is because they want to increase the amount of shot attempts and make the game more fast-paced.

  Secondly, the NBA is now going to allow their players to wear shoes that have any color, ESPN claims. Before the NBA allowed this, NBA players were only allowed to wear their team colors or black & white. The only time players were allowed to wear colors other than team colors or black and white was when it was a holiday or special occasion. Even then, players were only allowed to wear colors related to that special occasion or holiday. Here is what some NBA players had to say about this new rule:


  Giannis Antetokounmpo: “You’re going to see a lot of creativity in players. It’s definitely good for the league.”

Ben Simmons: “Now I can wear whatever, so it’s gonna be dope. … I got some bright colors coming.”

  Demarcus Cousins: “The NBA is giving us a chance to really be creative, to be ourselves on the court. … The league has been doing a great job of that lately.”

These new NBA rules will definitely shake up the NBA this season! These rules are unique and will probably have both negative and positive effects. NBA fans will find out once the 2018-19 NBA regular season begins! The preseason starts September 28th, and the regular season starts October 16th.



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NBA Rule Changes