The First Volleyball Game of the School Year

Hannah L. and Janet Lee

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On Thursday, September 13th, Parks hosted their first volleyball game in the 2018-2019 school year. The first game was against the Beechwood Bobcats, and the two schools put in both hard work and dedication in hopes of winning the game. All Parks athletes went through a sweaty and tough tryout to make it onto the team. Although Parks Junior High athletes are fierce, the Beechwood bobcats were in the right state of mind and brought their A-game. Viviana Mercado, one of our Parks volleyball players, said, “I feel that our first volleyball game against Beechwood was a great first game of the season. Although we did lose, we did many great things that made the game a close one. And of course we weren’t perfect, so there were many things that we could have done better to possibly win the game.” Our Parks Volleyball team has lost to Beechwood by 4 points last Thursday, but most of our volleyball athletes all said they could work on some teamwork and better communication.“I could’ve focused more on the game. I was so nervous that I couldn’t think,” said Hailee Nelson. A few of our players said they were nervous, since it was their first game in our 2018-2019 school year. “Our serves could also use improvement,” said Rowan Yeo. During the game, Parks and Beechwood had a gap in their points due to Parks volleyball players stepping on the line while serving. The Parks Junior High School volleyball team performed their best and made our school proud. Although they didn’t win, the team tried their best! Go Panthers!