The Fullerton Library

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The Fullerton Library

Nicholas Kim, Contributor

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The Fullerton Library is a prodigious place for students to study or check out new books of their interest. It is also a quiet place for those students who easily get distracted while studying in their home or school. On the library’s official website,, the organization emboldens everyone to construe new books and items. Staff recommended books can be found on the bottom of the website. One of the benefits of going to a public library is the wide selection of study materials that they provide. Obviously they have books, but they also supply their visitors with computers, audiobooks, ebooks, and so much more, along with personal and group tutors. People can only do these activities, as long as one has the Fullerton Library card, which costs around $2. They also host special events at their library such as after school clubs, reading with dogs, and computer basics with experienced tutors. They are open:

Mondays-Thursdays: 10AM-9PM

Fridays-Saturdays: 10AM-5PM

Sundays: 1PM-5PM

The Fullerton Library also hosts special study halls dedicated just for teens! They describe it as a “quiet-ish place” for teens to study. During study hall, one is able to study in a quiet and focused environment along with other hard-working students on projects or up-coming assessments. The schedule for the study halls will be:

Mondays-Thursdays: 3PM-9PM

Saturdays-Sundays: 1PM-5PM

The Fullerton Library is a great place of motivation, improvement, and academic success. When used seriously and professionally, one is able to achieve high standards set by teachers and the school. When one is able to study perfectly, it will definitely have a positive impact in their grades and test results. Head to the Fullerton Library today!