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When Lightning Became Thunder: Russell Westbrook

Ashar C., Contributor

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Russell Westbrook III is one of the most iconic point guards in NBA history. Therefore, people look up to him and want to be like him. However, the famous star, from the Oklahoma City Thunder, didn’t always have a luxurious lifestyle.

Russell has a younger brother named Reynard. Growing up, Russell’s father dedicated their lives to basketball, because he thought he would be able to get money from it. However, his mother disagreed. Although she let the boys play basketball, she made sure that academics were still acknowledged. Russell Westbrook maintained a 4.0 G.P.A all throughout high school.

In high school, Westbrook’s best friend, Khelcey Bars III, collapsed and died of a heart problem. Westbrook was broken, but he took Khelcey’s  death to heart and made it a turning point in his life. Everyday he would wake up, go to his friend’s house, and do chores for Khelcey’s parents. His grades stayed high, but most importantly, he devoted his life to basketball. He was a 5 foot 8 inch tall point guard, and he eventually paved a way to a basketball scholarship from UCLA.

Westbrook chose the number zero, as his number, to symbolize new beginnings. He always remembers his best friend, Khelcey Bars III. In fact, every single game he wears a bracelet that says, “ KB3.” Westbrook became one of the best players in NBA legend, being only the second person in the 72 years of NBA to average a Triple Double. Westbrook created the motto “Why Not” or “Why Not 0” because he was tired of people telling him that he couldn’t do something.

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When Lightning Became Thunder: Russell Westbrook