The Inktober Challenge

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The beginning of October has just arose, and it’s finally time for something called “Inktober.” Inktober is a 31 day challenge for dedicated artists. Every day in October, artists are encouraged to pick up a pen and draw pictures. Anyone can enter this challenge, and all you have to do is simply draw.

So, who started Inktober? Inktober was started in 2009, by a man who calls himself Mr. Jake Parker. It was initially supposed to help him with his inking skills and create healthy drawing habits. His drawings were usually themed around Halloween, but were later changed to general topics. This has become globally popular, and has many young people take this time as an opportunity to become a better artist.

Even if you do not have art as an elective, you can still easily participate in this challenge. Mr. Beaver highly encourages art students to take part in this challenge, however it is open to the public. You can enter the challenge by posting your drawing online, and hashtagging it #Inktober2018. This challenge is widely spread, and many people are using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to show the world their creative drawings.

This challenge inspires artists all around the world to show their unique talents. This is an easy way to participate with many other artists, and help yourself improve in the drawing field.