The Benefits of Ballet

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The Benefits of Ballet

Maddie G., Contributer

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Ballet is much more than just picking out a leotard, wearing ballet shoes, and slipping on tights.  It is a way of art that is about developing skills through commitment and perseverance. Although, having some knowledge helps, it does not take a professional to enjoy this wondrous type of dance.  Down below are ways in which ballet can benefit you tremendously.

Improves Posture

Ballet helps you achieve better posture alignment, for each movement requires an alertness of how you carry yourself.  Ballet consists of many elegant forms that are connected in ways that prepare you for the next stance, with the straightness of the back and the lift of the chin. One example is when a ballet dancer Por de Bras forward.  This stance is when you lean forward keeping your back and neck straight, while leaving your arm slightly curved in front of you.

Increases Confidence

Anyone can do ballet, as long as they have the desire to pursue this type of dance, and set achievable goals along the way.  Many of the steps need to be performed multiple times before perfection. So once you have successfully completed the step that used to intimidate you, a boost of confidence and achievement will run through your brain, giving yourself the mindset of how you can do anything.


As states, “Flexibility is not a prerequisite for ballet; you gain it through practice.”  Because ballet is such a dynamic art that involves different types of statistic and dynamic stretching, it can really contribute to an increase of your overall flexibility.

Muscle and Agility Building

Believe it or not, ballet incorporates a lot of endurance training and breath coordination throughout your dance course.  From doing plié squats to planks, you can really strengthen your core and lower body. As you practice the exercises through repetition, you will soon come to realize that your strength and agility has improved and that being able to maintain the precise movements ballet requires is a little bit easier.

Overall, ballet is a great competitive art, that improves your posture, increases your confidence and flexibility, and builds muscle and agility.  As long as you have the passion and dedication for ballet, this dynamic type of art will benefit you greatly in the long run.